The 2013 prom is almost here and here is some information many of you are looking for:

  • 1. Students and guests need to arrive at 3:30 to begin check-in.
    2. Students must have an ID or their ticket with their ID picture on it. Guests must also have a picture ID.
    3. Invitations with tickets will be distributed at lunch on 4/17.
    4. No back packs or large bags. Only small purses/clutches allowed. Think 8.5x11, the size of a piece of paper.
    5. No food or drink on the busses. Students will only be on the bus for a little over an hour.
    6. We will not hold the busses for late students Students and/or parents may not drive to the venue.
    7. Bring a camera.
    8. Students should bring money for the formal prom photo. You can schedule an appointment for the photo and see prices at the photographer's web site:
    9. Students will return to KHS around 12:15-12:30 a.m.
    10. All KHS rules apply. This is a sober and drug free event. Girls will be asked to open purses and guys to open their jackets and empty pockets. Any student who brings anything innappropriate will be jeopardizing his or her ability to attend the prom or even participation in graduation.
    11. Students may not bring prescription medication. Contact Mr. Lycan if there is a critical need for an exception.
    Have a wonderful time.

      Welcome back from spring break. We had a good start today and students seem to be back to normal.

      Beginning this week on April 9, and on the following week all students will take tests on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. Please make every effort to have your child in attendance and avoid interruptions during this time. 

      On those days when students are testing, school will end earlier than normal, at 2:50. The bus schedule has been adjusted so students who ride the bus can leave when school ends early. On Monday and Friday of those weeks, school will end at the regular times.

      As parents you know the importance for students to do their best on these tests. Please remind your child of the six testing days and the importance of eating a good breakfast and getting a good night's sleep on these days and every day.

      Please note, senior classes will continue during the days of testing, following the testing schedule.

      Click here for a copy of the STAR testing bell schedule.

      So remember, school will end early, at 2:50, on our six testing days, Tues, Wed. and Thurs, beginning tomorrow, April 9, and talk to your child about being prepared to put forth a good effort and do the very best possible.

      Our past STAR results show us to be among the top high schools in the county. We would like to continue the tradition.

      Thank you and goodbye.

      In our efforts to address the concerns of the past several days, we would like to invite parents to a community meeting this Wednesday, March 20th at 6 p.m., in the Kimball High School Gym. Please attend to discuss how we can work together as a community to help prevent these threats from happening again.

      School will resume as usual tomorrow, March 19th. Students should attend school at the normal start time. The school is safe.

      Please read below for an update to a previous message to Kimball High School families.

      As you are aware, this afternoon, Monday, March 18th, there was a bomb threat to Kimball High, which we did not believe to be credible, treated seriously with rapid response. Students and staff were immediately evacuated to the stadium. Students and staff were safe at all times.

      Tracy Police Department and a team of bomb-sniffing dogs have carefully inspected the campus. No explosive devices of any kind were found.

      We want to remind our families that threats are not jokes. Threats are considered a felony, a crime punishable by imprisonment. In addition to criminal punishment, students who make false threats will be referred for expulsion from school. Also, school days lost due to closures from school threats may be required to be added to the end of the school year. For your information, the police have taken into custody two students who are believed to be responsible for last Wednesday’s threat at Tracy High School.

      If you have any questions, please visit the district website at
      The California High School Exit Exam is coming next week, March 12 and 13. On these two days all 10th graders will be taking the CAHSEE to demonstrate their level of proficiency in Language Arts and Math.

      On Tuseday, March 12, students will take the English Language Arts portion of the test and on Wendesday, March 13, students will take the math portion. In order to receive a diploma in California a student must pass each of these exams. A passing score is 350 and a proficient score is 380. Our goal is to have as many students as possible scoring 380 or higher.

      It is very important that students be in attendance on each of these days. Students who miss either of these days will make up the test in May.

      Please be sure your 10th grade son or daughter gets plenty of rest going into these tests, that they get a good breakfast that morning, and that they are here with a good attitude ready to do their best at 8:30.

      If you have any questions about CAHSEE testing, please contact Mr. Lycan at

      Also, we are hoping to provide snacks for students during a break in testing. Freshman leadership students are seeking donations of granola bars and coordinating collection and distribution to classrooms where tests are being taken. If you would like to contribute to this significant effort please drop off your donation of granola bars at the front office. If you have any questions about donations, please contact Mr. Soeth at
      After our senior parent meeting on Monday, 1/14, there were several items that needed some follow up.
      Upcoming Events and Important Information
      February 12, 2013

      February 15, 2013

      Prom Payments

      Grad Night Payments

      Josten's Order Info


      For More News
      Senior Jag Feed
      Food and Fun for seniors in the KHS Café after the varsity basketball game
      Cost: $7
      How you can help: Decorations, Drinks, Serving and Supervision

      MORP, an informal dance for all students with a celebrity theme
      9:00 - 12:00.
      Cost: $4 with ASB or $8 without ASB
      How you can help: Decorations, Snacks, Water, Chaperones

      The next installment of $50 is due January 31. Students paying by this deadline will receive preferential bus seating. The final payment is due March 22. Prom is April 20 at Treasure Island. Students will ride busses from KHS.

      You can make payments for Prom or any other event in additional smaller installments at any time as long as the posted deadlines are met. Payments can be made using VISA, MC, check, money order, or cash but you must come to the bookkeeper's office for these transactions. 

      Deadline for $90 deposit is March 15. This deposit is non-refundable.
      The final payment is due May 3. Total cost is $175.
      Grad Night is May 16 and 17. Students depart KHS at noon and return at noon the following day.
      Students must meet eligibility requirements for participation in senior activities in order to attend.
      As above, you can make payments for Grad Night or any other event in additional smaller installments at any time as long as the posted deadlines are met.

      There is now an update link on the KHS web site Senior Page. The link to Josten’s is still good, but because it is past the published deadline no orders could be placed there. To place an order use this link or the updated link from the web site.

      June 1, 2013 in the morning. The exact time will be determined by TUSD but it has not been set yet.
      To sign up to receive texts about future parent announcements text "Follow @khsnewsblog" to 40404

      This an important reminder that tonight there will be a meeting for parents of 2013 Seniors. It will be at 5:30 in the KHS cafeteria. Student leaders, along with Ms. Taylor, Mr. Soeth and Mr. Lycan, will be on hand to present information about upcoming senior events as well as events through the rest of the year. We will also discuss ways parents can be a part of making these events successful. See you tonight, January 14, at 5:30, in the cafeteria.
      The annual Kimball High School Colloquium for current  9th - 11th grade students will be held on Thursday January 17th during the school day.  Students will attend during their English Classes.  The Colloquium offers opportunity for students to investigate classes they may wish to take next year.

      Teachers and students will be present to answer question regarding Advanced Placement courses, electives and pathway related courses.  New course for next year will also be present at the Colloquium. Students, start thinking about the classes you may wish to take next year and any questions you may have about them can be answered at the Colloquium.   Our counselors will also be present to answer any program question you may have.  See You at the Colloquium!
      John C. Kimball High School is hosting a Cash for College Night. Students will be able to begin completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). In order to be eligible to receive any financial aid students must complete a FAFSA application. This is true no matter how or where the money will be used, for a four year college, two year college, private school or vocational school. This is a must for all seniors. You can do this on your own at home, but for this event representatives from Delta College will be here to help out with the process. The workshop is set for this evening, January, 9, 2013, from 5:00-8:00 pm. Students will only need to stay until they complete the application. Students and parents will have the ability to work at a computer and fill out the FAFSA paperwork online. One of the students who attends tonight’s session will be winning a $1000 scholarship. The Cash For College workshop will be held in computer rooms F7 and F8.
      Kimball High School will host its Colloquium for incoming 8th grade students on January 17, at 6:00 pm.

      Selecting classes for the first year of high school can be an exciting as well as a daunting task for many 8th graders. The Colloquium is a chance for students and parents to find out about the courses and programs available at Kimball. Faculty, students, counselors and administrators will be available to talk to you and answer your questions to help you make informed decisions when completing course request forms.

      Also, at Kimball all students are part of a Pathway. The Pathways are smaller groups of students organized around common interests whose learning experiences can reflect those interests. We have three Pathways from which to choose at Kimball, Communications, Health Sciences, which includes Education, and Architecture, Construction and Interior Design (ACI). Each student selects a first and second choice for their Pathway when they complete their course request form as an 8 th grader. The Colloquium is a great opportunity to find out about these pathways so you can make the best choices.

      Watch this site for more information.

      You can also visit the KHS Web site at
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